networks add

vnctl networks add \
  --uuid nw-test1 \
  --display-name testnet1 \
  --ipv4-network \
  --ipv4-prefix 24 \
  --network-mode virtual
  • uuid

A unique ID that will be used to refer to this network.

  • display-name

A human readable name that describes this network. It can be anything you want.

  • ipv4-network

The IPv4 network address. Basically the first part (before the slash) of a CIDR notation. For the network address would be

  • ipv4-prefix (default 24)

The IPv4 network prefix. The part after the slash of a CIDR notation. For, the prefix would be 8.

  • network-mode

The mode of the network to create. In the example we are creating a virtual network to connect virtual machines to. Therefore we specify virtual.

If we were to be creating a network that OpenVNet will use behind the scenes to send traffic between different hosts running Open vSwitch, we would specify physical instead.