interfaces add

This page explains the arguments used by the vnctl interfaces add command in the Single network) guide.

vnctl interfaces add \
  --uuid if-inst1 \
  --mode vif \
  --owner-datapath-uuid dp-test1 \
  --mac-address 10:54:ff:00:00:01 \
  --network-uuid nw-test1 \
  --ipv4-address \
  --port-name inst1
  • uuid

A unique ID that will be used to refer to this interface.

  • mode

The mode of the interface. An entry with vif mode is basically means that this is a network interface that will be connected to one of OpenVNet's virtual networks.

  • owner-datapath-uuid

The UUID of the datapath to which this interface will be connected. We created this datapath back in the installation guide.

  • mac-address

The MAC address of the network interface of the virtual machine.

  • network-uuid

The UUID of the virtual network to participate

  • ipv4-address

The IPv4 address which will be assigned to the network interface.

  • port-name

Typically there are multiple network interfaces connected to Open vSwitch. OpenVNet needs to know which one we are describing here. That's where port-name comes in. This needs to be the same as this interface's port name on Open vSwitch. You can see the ports currently connected to Open vSwitch by running ovs-vsctl show.