This file contains the configuration used by webapi.

You'll find it at /etc/openvnet/webapi.conf.

node {
  id "vnmgr"
  addr {
    protocol "tcp"
    host ""
    public ""
    port 9102
  plugins [:vdc_vnet_plugin]
  • id

The ID of the OpenVNet's process. It should be unique among the entire world of the OpenVNet.

  • protocol

This parameter can be used to specify the 0MQ address. Default value is 'tcp'.

  • host

Private IP address that can be used to specify the 0MQ address.

  • public

Public/Global IP address that is linked to the private IP address specified by the 'host' parameter. A 0MQ socket will be created with the public/global IP address if this paramter is specified. Otherwise 'host' parameter will be used to create a 0MQ socket.

  • port

Listen port of the process.

  • plugins

currently the only plugin available is for integration with Wakame-vdc. Even when you're not integration with Wakame-vdc, you can leave it in place. It will not cause any problems.