OpenVNet upgrade guide

This guide details the steps requires when upgrading from an older version of OpenVNet.

Turn off all OpenVNet services

stop vnet-webapi
stop vnet-vnmgr
stop vnet-vna

Update OpenVNet through yum.

yum update

Migrate the database to the latest version.

It's likely that the database had added new tables in the new version. Update it.

cd /opt/axsh/openvnet/vnet
bundle exec rake db:migrate

Additional steps

Some additional steps may be required if you are upgrading to a specific version.

Version 0.9

Version 0.9 added functionality for automatically creating datapath_network and datapath_route_link entries in the database.

This requires OpenVNet to automatically assign MAC address values for these. When upgrading to version 0.9 it is required to provide OpenVNet with a range of MAC addresses it is allowed to assign.

vnctl mac_range_groups add --uuid mrg-dpg
vnctl mac_range_groups mac_ranges add mrg-dpg --begin_mac_address 52:56:01:00:00:00 --end_mac_address 52:56:01:ff:ff:ff

Remark: If a different UUID than mrg-dpg is used, you must open /etc/openvnet/common.conf and edit the following line. datapath_mac_group "mrg-dpg"

Start OpenVNet services

start vnet-webapi
start vnet-vnmgr
start vnet-vna