This file contains common configuration that is used by vnmgr, webapi and vna.

You'll find it at /etc/openvnet/vnmgr.conf.

It is divided into the following sections.


This is the key-value storage that the DCell framework requires. OpenVNet's services use DCell to communicate with each other.

registry {
  adapter "redis"
  host ""
  port 6379
  • adapter

The name of key-value store. Defalut value is 'redis'.

  • host

IP address of the key-value store.

  • port

TCP port that the key-value process is listening on.


This holds all the information OpenVNet needs to connect to its MySQL database.

db {
  adapter "mysql2"
  host "localhost"
  database "vnet"
  port 3306
  user "root"
  password ""
  • adapter

The adapter name for the database. OpenVNet only support mysql at this time.

  • host

IP address of the db server.

  • database

The name of the database.

  • port

Listen port of the db server.

  • user

User name of the db server.

  • password

Password of the db server.


datapath_mac_group "mrg-dpg"
  • datapath_mac_group

Contains the UUID of the mac range group used for datapath_network and datapath_route_link mac addresses.