This file contains the configuration used by vna.

You'll find it at /etc/openvnet/vna.conf.

It contains two sections.


This is similar to the node sections found in other config files. It's all the information OpenVNet needs to enable this vna to communicate with all other OpenVNet processes.

node {
  id "vna"
  addr {
    protocol "tcp"
    host ""
    public ""
    port 9103
  • id

The ID of the OpenVNet's process. It should be unique among the entire world of the OpenVNet.

  • protocol

This parameter can be used to specify the 0MQ address. Default value is 'tcp'.

  • host

Private IP address that can be used to specify the 0MQ address.

  • public

Public/Global IP address that is linked to the private IP address specified by the 'host' parameter. A 0MQ socket will be created with the public/global IP address if this paramter is specified. Otherwise 'host' parameter will be used to create a 0MQ socket.

  • port

Listen port of the process.


This lets OpenVNet know what physical network this VNA is in. Whe installing OpenVNet on a single machine like we do in the installation guide, this section can be left empty.

network {
  uuid ""
  gateway {
    address ""
  • uuid

The uuid of the public/physical network in which the vna participates.

  • address

The gateway address of the network specified by the 'uuid'.